Boreal Owl

April 18, 2020 Off By Forrest

Owls are mystifying to me.  They can blend into their surroundings and look just like a tree. I hear the owls in my local area, but can not find them in the trees.

A Boreal Owl is one of the smallest owls.  When I think of a Boreal Owl, I think of Alaska where they are common.  Alaska is one of the most majestic areas to visit.  I can truly see nature at it best in the natural habitats.

The work of art was created with oil based color pencils.  Faber Castell polychromous which is one of my favorites!  I added a touch of Derwent white graphitint pencil to enhance the white. This is a small work and is currently unframed.  Easy to ship.  The art is currently unframed.  To preserve the colors, the art will need to be framed with a UV protectant glass.

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