Nursing 2020

May 17, 2020 Off By Forrest

I posted the question “What 1-2 words exemplifies a nurse in 2020?”. Below is a compilation of the words provided by medical staff and non medical staff. These words will be used in my next mono-print collage dedicated to nursing. 2020 is the year of the nurse.

If you can think of other words, currently not on the list, that exemplify a nurse please make a comment below. Thank you!

Nurses and Health Care workers (Physicians,Therapists…)

  1. Adaptable (Rene G)
  2. Adaptive (Kay W)
  3. Advocate (TK C)
  4. Altruism at its best (Naomi L)
  5. Altruistic (Caroline L)
  6. Amazing (Kay W)
  7. Brave (Patti H) (Kathy F) (Heather T)
  8. Caring (TK C) (Robin T) (Kim B)
  9. Clinician (TK C)
  10. Compassion (Marlyn B) (Vickie W)
  11. Compassionate (TK C) (Sandra D)(Amy F)
  12. Confident (Rene G)
  13. Courageous (Julie H) (Shannon I) (Donnalea S)
  14. Dedicated (Stephanie S) (Mica S) (Kim B) (Heather T)
  15. Determined (Stephanie M)
  16. Devotion (Jennifer M)
  17. Exposed (Ali B)
  18. Extraordinary (Kay W)
  19. Fearless (Renee E)(Mica S) (Julie H) (Nancy G)
  20. Flame Keeper (Susan P)
  21. Flexible (Laura H)
  22. Focused (TK C) (Andrea G)
  23. Healthcare Hero (Karen C)
  24. Humble (Donnalea S)
  25. Inspiring (Shannon I)
  26. Intelligence with care (Sherrie B)
  27. Kind (Kim B)
  28. Knowledgeable (TK C) (Marlyn B)
  29. Love (Darlene H)
  30. Loyal (Renee E) (Kathleen S)
  31. Paver (Robin M)
  32. Prayerful (Kim B)
  33. Present (TK C)
  34. Prevent (Donna C)
  35. Professional (TK C)
  36. Protect (Donna C)
  37. Relentless (Jill B)
  38. Resilient (Darlene H) (Traci W)(Rene G) (Tabitha S)
  39. Resolute (Darlene H)
  40. Sacrificial (Deidra J)
  41. Scared (Mandy R)(Heather T)
  42. Selfless (Kim F) (Nancy G) (Sharon H) (Judy W)(Vickie W)
  43. Strong (Traci W)
  44. Susceptible (Ali B)
  45. Tenacious (Kay W)
  46. Tenacity (Amy S)
  47. Thank you so much (Barbara G)
  48. There and smiling (Ali B)
  49. Tired (Heather T)
  50. Tireless (Sharon H)
  51. Unstoppable (Syvol M)
  52. Valiant (Judy M)
  53. Vulnerable (Kim F)
  54. Warrior (Karen M) (Karen B) (Carol Ann D)
  55. Wearied (Judy M)
  56. Willing (Caroline L)

Non Medical

  1. Brave (Paula G)
  2. Caring (Julie M)
  3. Committed (Martha B)
  4. Compassionate (Nancy H)
  5. Courageous (Nancy H)(Martha B)(Karen T)
  6. Dedication (Sherry K) (Carol F)
  7. Dependable (Jim M)
  8. Exhausted warrior (Haley J)
  9. Fatigued (Martha B)
  10. Hero (Paula G)
  11. Indomitable (Drew L)
  12. Inspiring (Paula G)
  13. Life Changing (Julie M)
  14. Seemingly Unbreakable (Eva M)
  15. Selfless (Phyllis G) (Sherry K)
  16. Skilled (Nancy H)
  17. Wonderful (Julie M)