Painting with Painted Paper

August 8, 2021 Off By Forrest

Three of my acrylic collages have been recognized recently. I could not be more thrilled to see a style I began to dabble in a few months before COVID would create much interest. Today there are so many techniques and mediums to create a piece of art. I took a trip to Cheap Joes in Asheville, NC and found a gel press in the clearance section. I thought I could learn how to make prints using a gel press and took home a new toy. I bought a book and learned how to make gel prints, experimenting with many different types of paper and techniques. A year later I created several paintings in a collage format. I found I could strategically cut the prints made with the gel press to paint a picture. Several of those paintings have been recognized and/or awarded.

“Power of Nursing Through Prayer”
Best of Show TAG Still Hopes Show, Columbia, SC 8/21

Image used by Penn State Nursing for Thanksgiving Card 11/20

“Power of Nursing Through Learning”
Image selected by Johnson and Johnson to use for national Nursing Recognition 5/21
“My First Mate”

Honorable Mention Thomas House Show, Camden, SC 6/21