Tips on Framing

Framing can be included with your special order. Framing types will be discussed with the client before framing is completed.

If you choose to do the framing yourself, here are some tips that may be helpful.

  1. All paintings do not need to be framed. If the painting has as a UV coat and the edges are finished, then you can choose not to frame it.
  2. If the art is water-soluable and not sealed, then the art will need to be framed under glass.
  3. The art can not touch the glass. Mats or spacers are used to separate the art from the glass.
  4. Mats and the art may fade, so the glass needs to include UV protection (Most frames purchased off the shelf do not have UV protection.) I like to use the non-reflective (anti-glare) glass so the picture is not distorted by light reflections on the glass. (This can be purchased at a frame shop.)
  5. If you desire to not mat the art but use spacers, you can purchase them from any framing shop or have them frame it for you. Most frame shops will use a frame you have provided or order one for you.
  6. Even though the materials I use are professional and light-fast tested, UV light may impact the colors. In order to preserve the art, please use UV glass.
  7. Ornaments, art daubles, and wood with live edges are sealed with a UV sealant and do not need to be framed. However, it is recommended to keep them out of direct sunlight.
  8. If you have any questions about how your art should be framed, please contact me or a local frame shop.