SC Cape Romain Lighthouses

April 30, 2020 Off By Forrest

On Lighthouse Island near McClellanville, SC there is not one but two lighthouses. The island was called Raccoon Key before Renamed to Lighthouse Island. The island is where the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge is located.

The first lighthouse is a brick conical structure built in 1827, costing $27,000. It was built to help decrease ship wrecks in the area. Unfortunately, the brightness and the level of the light blinded the pilots and the ships still wrecked. Though the light was changed to help the situation it is no longer there.

The second lighthouse is a brick octagonal lighthouse built in 1857, costing $50,000. It was built next to the first one. There are very few places that have two lighthouses still standing. The second lighthouse was built with slave labor.

There are many stories about these lighthouses and how they survived an earthquake, hurricanes and tragedy of murder that was never solved. The keepers house evidence are the foundations that remain.

The lighthouses can only be seen by water. Tours are allowed only 4 times a year by a touring company.