Sullivans Island Lighthouse

May 5, 2020 Off By Forrest

This lighthouse was the last lighthouse built by the Federal Government in 1962. It was built to replace the sinking Morris Island lighthouse. The lighthouse was the brightest lighthouse on the western hemisphere when built and could be seen for miles. The locals complained and the light was dimmed so it is the second brightest now but can still be seen for 26 miles at sea. The original color was a reddish orange (Like the coast guard colors) and white The locals petitioned for a color change to its current scheme of black and white.

The lighthouse has other unique features. It is triangular with siding. It was structurally engineered to withstand 125 mile hour winds and was tested with Hurricanne Hugo.

The lighthouse has a generator to ensure the lamp remains lit if power is lost. It is the only lighthouse to have an elevator that goes to the top. The top is air conditioned and includes offices. This is the only lighthouse today that has these features. It also is the only lighthouse in South Carolina that you can not see through the top.